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About me

I design with purpose and meaning, and have fun along the way. Actually, I don’t really believe you can make something great without investing love in it. Loving my work is what motivates me.

What to expect

I'm an enthusiastic, passionate designer and conceptual thinker. I talk a lot about strategy, process, approach and planning, but everything I do stems from a deep urge to create something of value. To execute. And to produce results. I'm here to pursue my passion, and have honest and straight-forward collaboration with the people I work with.

Design is really more a way of life than a job.

Am I right for you?

I have an eclectic mix of work. That’s because my skills with design work equally well across the spectrum – and because I believe that the best collaborations happen between people who understand each other and share a common set of values and goals. So far, my career has led me to the world of advertising, publishing, education, start-ups, art and finance. But I continue to seek projects that challenge me with something new.


+44 7525 184215